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Food Grade Sanitizer & Chemicals

Food Grade ImageRegardless of any food processing industry, cafeteria, fast food or restaurant, hygiene and sanitation is essential towards achieving high quality and safe food products.


Our comprehensive Food Grade Chemicals helps all food and beverage product providers maintain the highest standards of sanitation and quality.


We have the expertise and technology to assist you -- bakeries; beverages and breweries; cafes, restaurants and fast food; canning industries; dairy farms, cheeses and processing; and meat, fresh fruit, and seafood storage, farming, transport, and processing.


Let the professionals at Alpro assist you. We provide a “one-stop cleaning and sanitation supplies”, beginning with facility evaluation, and continuing with identification of any issues, creating chemical management systems, product training, employee handbooks, and reports. Avoidance of any sanitation issues is not only your obligation, but your business reputation is at stake. Donʼt entrust your future to anyone less than the best.


As one of the pioneers in Malaysia in cleanliness and health throughout the food service and hospitality industry. Our safe yet effective chemicals and systems maintain hygiene and sanitary around your facility. Remember, your customersʼ health and safety, and your company reputation is “in your hands”. Let us keep those “hands” pure and fresh.



The health of many people who end up buying from you and eating your food and food products is in your hands.


Failure to ensure high standards of hygiene can result in severe - and expensive - consequences such as illness and death caused through food poisoning.


It’s a serious business, with serious

legal obligations.

Food Grade Chemicals

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Food Grade Chemicals & Food Grade Sanitizer

Food Grade Chemicals

Food Grade Sanitizer